Our Catering

 We love food. We love this town. We love serving you. At Venelize, we make your Celebrations, both corporate and social, personal and delicious. We promise you the freshest, local ingredients, hand-crafted cooking sprinkled with our unique whimsical elegance and exceptional service. Our passion is stirred by the colors, flavors and textures found in this beautiful rainbow nation we call home.

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Covid-19 Catering

With the current Covid-19 pandemic we care providing contactless catering. We provide the option to have all meals plated individually and sealed for your convenience and piece of mind. 

Catering & Platters

From start-ups to corporate headquarters, from east to west, from last minute meetings, to holiday parties, we will feed every ingredient of your company. 

Cakes & Sweet Treats

Most of us has a sweet tooth, whether you prefer sweet things to savory or just like a sweet nibble every now and again. At Venelize we create beautiful cakes & sweet snacks to satisfy any taste-bud!

Our Yummy Food Gallery